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"I have been working with Jackie for several years now, at my small animal veterinary practice.  Jackie has offered her skilful physiotherapy services to many of my patients, before, after and sometimes instead of surgery, as well as treatment of other orthopaedic and neurological conditions. Without Jackie's help a lot of these patients would not have made such a fast or complete recovery. Jackie has also helped me set up our hydrotherapy service. I wouldn't want to be without Jackie's professional help at my practice in the future!" (Pete van Dongen, MRCVS, Director at Pennard Veterinary Group)

"My Rottweiler badly fractured her elbow at the young age of four months.  Following a partially successful operation, she suffered unforseen complications which resulted in her foreleg being bent underneath her and non-weight bearing.  After further investigations we were told that nothing more could be done and that the only solution was amputation.  This was devastating in such a young and otherwise healthy dog.  I was recommended to Jackie and from the first appointment there was improvement.  Following various physiotherapy treatments my dog was weight bearing in six months.  She made steady progress and is now six years old.  Although she has a limp she has four fully functioning legs and lives life to the full.  We still see Jackie regularly to check her leg and she loves to go and see her good friend.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone who requires treatment for themsleves or a much loved pet.  Jackie saved my dog's leg and has given her a wonderful quality of life.  We can't thank Jackie enough."  (Owner of Rotweiler with a fractured elbow)
"I have known Jackie for about 15 years, having been first referred to her for treatment for my agility dogs.  My dogs love Jackie - it's her calmness and gentleness that they find reassuring and she has never hurt them which means they trust her.  My dogs have always improved dramatically under her treatment - with problems ranging from neck damage, spinal injuries to torn cruciate ligaments (post cruciate surgery).  All of them have recovered and been restored to full range of movement.  Jackie was treating my 10 year old border collie for a back injury when I asked her whether she worked on humans as well as dogs, and discovered that she not only does humans and dogs, but horses too!  Having described my back problem Jackie said she would have a look and tell me if she could help - I have had pelvis and spine problems for 50 years.  After just the first session she had straightened my neck and head - which had been tilted to the right - and it has STAYED sorted out!  I had a knee operation three years ago and have never had complete movement with it since.  Jackie used a thoracic ring treatment which resulted in the swelling disappearing.  Although the swelling has come back intermittently, and we are still working on it, I am now walking better and more freely than I have done for 4-5 years.  I have absolute faith that Jackie will sort me out. (Owner of agility dogs)
"Jackie has performed physiotherapy on two of my cats both with great success.  I have always found Jackie to be kind, caring and patient with my cats and she has explained in easy to understand terms what she is doing and why.  The home care techniques that Jackie gives you are straightforward and I have found my cats really enjoy the one to one time we have during these sessions.  I would recommend Jackie to anyone whose animal would benefit from physiotherapy." (Owner of cats with spinal problems)
"My horse is now doing the best work he has ever done....mostly due to your care of him and the magnotherapy rug.  He is now much looser in his back, although still a little stiff in one hind leg, where the laceration is taking time to heal."  (Owner of 10 year old Hanoverian gelding who, haveing been frightened by a passing car, tripped and fell off a bridge, sustaining extensive tenderness through is neck and hindquarters)

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